Traditional Sun Lu-T’ang Style Tai-Chi Photographic Guidebook

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This is a book that is focused more on photographs and the sequence of the Sun Family Tai-Chi form. This book is a perfect companion to "Traditional Sun Style Tai-Chi 1957 Instructional Handbook." While it does not include the vast amount of information of the postures and movements, it contains many of the photos in sequence to the Traditional Sun Style Tai-Chi form.

This Sun Tai-Chi (Taijiquan) guidebook was written in 1957 by Madam Sun Jian-Yun, daughter of Great Grandmaster Sun Lu-T'ang. With over 200 photographs of Madam Sun demonstrating postures, this book is an essential photographic reference in understanding the traditional breakdown and sequence of the Sun Tai-Chi form. Bradford Tyrey, who lived in China for 13 years (1984-97), studied the Sun family arts of Tai-Chi, Bagua, and Xingyi with Madam Sun, becoming her first foreign disciple.

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