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The date of this photo is approximately 1911-13 according to my classmates in China, and was taken in the township of Dingxian, Heibei Provence. The photo shows three martial artists practicing with spear against tiger hook- swords....and double long-knives in the background.

Our Approach

As a publishing company dedicated to bringing you the most reliable and accurate translations of the Old Clan Boxing Teachers, we take painstaking efforts to bring you the most accurate translations we can.  We try to bring you these translations as these Boxing Teachers knew them to be, meaning that over the decades and centuries some of the Chinese has come to have various meanings and thus some meanings have changed. So the Chinese Characters used today, do not always have the same meaning and essence as Teachers in the past knew them. This is achieved by using old dictionaries of the respective time periods (if able) and also offering many different meanings of some text.

One of the difficulties with translating material is also whether or not the Translator or Author has any experience in the subject being translated. At times a direct translation is impossible, so this would require the Translator to be able to find the most appropriate word that would have close to the same meaning. Thus, if a Translator does not understand the material properly they may use a word that is similar, but ultimately loses the essence of the original word.

Bradford Tyrey is not just an Author or Translator of these texts, but brings about his Decades of Training, Teaching and Learning from some of the last Old Clan Boxing Teachers. Enabling for not just an accurate translation, but attempting to bring the essence of the words forth, so that one can incorporate them into their lives.

In addition to publishing these texts, we are also dedicated to sharing old photos and images of life and times in China. Some of these are of Boxing Clan Teachers, or other students and practitioners. Some are of an ancient life in China, in an effort to offer a glimpse of the lifestyles of these highly respected and revered Teachers.

Meet the Team

Bradford Tyrey


Bradford Tyrey studied full-time in China from (1984-97). He became the first foreign disciple under Madam Sun Jian-Yun (daughter of Sun Lu-Tang) and studied under many famous old masters during those years. He continued his studies in China, Taiwan and Japan over the years, amassing a study background in those countries of over 18 years. 

Joe Wollen L.Ac.


Joe Wollen has studied Nei Jia since 2002 when he began his training in Tai Chi. In 2005 he began his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, earning his Master's Degree in 2009 and has been in private practice since.

Joe was fortunate enough to study Chen Style Tai Chi privately with the late Master Cheng Jin Cai and is a current student in Tai Chi, Xingyi and Bagua under Bradford Tyrey. Joe is also a Taoist Adept studying Internal Alchemy under Taoist Abbot Lao Zhi Chang.