Journal of Traditional Chinese Boxing and Tai-Chi Volume 2

Volume 2 includes:

~Old Yang Style Tai-Chi Long Pole

~Part 2 of Classical Yang Tai-Chi of Master Yu Hsien-Wen

~Zengquan (Drilling Fist) the Water Element

~Traditional Sun Lu-T’ang Style: Training Aspects According to Master Sun Lu-T’ang (1861-1933)

~Part 2 of Lian Huan Quan (Continuous-Linked Fist) of Li Cun-Yi 1916

~Part 2 Taiji Mu Qin (Tai-Chi Wooden Ball)

~The Taoist Art of Stretching of Jin Yi-Ming

~Lu Zu Po Qi Fa (Ancestor Lu’s Purging Qi Method)

Wu Shi (Martial Scholar): The Journal of Traditional Tai-Chi and Chinese Boxing (Kung-Fu) focuses on translations and information from the archives and book collections of old teachers in China who Bradford Tyrey, the Journal’s publisher, had either known or researched during his training and travels in China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) from 1984-1997.

We all search for inspirational teachings that can be can be invaluable in our pursuit of skill and knowledge in the arts of Taijiquan (Tai-Chi), Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, Shaolin Temple Boxing, and the myriad of related Chinese and Japanese martial practices and health arts, and it is with great hope that each issue of this Journal will help guide and inspire readers through the profound teachings of renowned masters from generations past.

Bradford has continued his training in China and Japan through the years and has now attained over 18 years of studies, having had collected rare teachings on martial and health practices. This archived information is now being openly shared in each issue of Wu Shi (Martial Scholar): The Journal of Traditional Tai-Chi and Chinese Boxing.

Each issue, averaging 40-50 pages, contains dozens of rare old photos and unique cultural renderings from China and Japan that highlight daily life of people, providing readers with a deepening sense of being in that era and what life was like in the days when Chinese Boxing and Tai-Chi masters were teaching, writing, and traveling in order to spread martial arts and health practices to enrich the lives of others.

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