Collected Writings of Old Chinese Boxing Masters

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This book is somewhat similar in scope to The Internal Practices of Sun Lu-T'ang, although from a larger variety of sources.

This book contains: Over 100 old photos and drawings, 95 pages of rare translations and explanations on the practices of many of China’s most renowned martial arts masters during the early 1900s. Topics include: Wu Tu-Nan’s [1884-1989] Methods of Power & Striking According to the Body’s Upper & Lower Seven Stars, Jin Yi-Ming’s Secret Chinese Boxing Methods, Lao Gong (Labor Palace): The Hidden Palm Strike of Old Chinese Boxers, Striking the Five Organ Cavities, Jue Hau [1902-1967] on The Secret of Single-Sided Dim-Mak, Hand & Poison Hand Training at the Shaolin Temple, Most Important Dim-Mak Cavities to Hit, and much more.....

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