Chen Wei Ming’s Taiji Sword Volume II ~ Annotations: A Collection of Teachings and Annotations from Masters Chen Wei-Ming and Fu Zhong-Wen

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This Book contains: Over 170 old photos and drawings, and 176 pages on the old Yang family Taiji (Tai-Chi) Sword practices of Master Chen Wei-Ming (1881-1958) as taught to his disciples. This book is a collection of these rare teachings as collected by Bradford Tyrey while studying in Shanghai under Master Fu Zhong-Wen (1903-1994), classmate and student under Master Chen. Our translated book Taiji (Tai-Chi) Sword ~ Volume (I), authored by Master Chen Wei-Ming, provides a traditional overview, yet authoritative approach to practicing each posture of the sword form that Grandmaster Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936) and other Yang family elders had taught to Master Chen, as well as to Master Fu. Volume (I) is necessary to read in order to more fully understand Taiji (Tai-Chi) Sword ~ Volume (II) which details: the Original 13 Sword Teachings, writings on the Eight Immortals, Master Chen Wei-Ming’s original explanation of how to perform each posture, annotations on the practice and meaning of each posture, clarification of meanings by Master Fu Zhong-Wen, hidden skills taught within postures, philosophical meanings of postures, and more. It is important to note that Master Chen is recognized as Grandmaster Sun Lu-T’ang’s first official disciple. Though this sword book covers Yang family Taiji (Tai-Chi) sword, Master Chen still details some of the teachings that he learned from Grandmaster Sun. This is an absolutely essential book in providing deep insight into the old traditional practices of Chinese sword. Rare photos, drawings, and explanations make this book a true treasure to collect.

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