Chen Wei-Ming’s Compendium on Taiji Sword Volume 1~Translation of Text

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This must-have book, with over 100 packed pages, is a detailed account of Chen Wei-Ming's instructional 1928 book on Yang style Taiji (Tai-Chi) Sword. More than just a translation of the original text, 'Taiji Sword: Volume I,' is annotated with explanatory training notes from Master Chen's classmates, who like Chen Wei-Ming (1881-1958) studied under Grandmaster Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936). Volume I contains: 83 old photos of Chen Wei-Ming demonstrating Taiji sword postures, corresponding empty hand postures, translation of an old version of Chen's instructional text, old Chinese mythological drawings related to specific sword postures, clarifications from Master Fu Zong-Wen (1903-94) on Chen's teachings, the Original 13 Sword Teachings, and many historical photos associated with Chen Wei-Ming never published before.

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